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ABpros.us specializes in creating automation and batch processing software. We also work on Web development focusing on functionality

Web pages for Safari on Iphone /Ipad:
The Reader View

The following image shows Reader View available on Iphone / Ipad / Safari user who can choose various background colors and font options: "... iOS strips away any ads and unnecessary clutter from the article, making it easier to read.... ". We guarantee all your web pages can be viewed by the "Reader View". Current promotion to fix your page: $4.99/page (min. $100.00)..... Price may vary without notice

Reader View on Ipad

Web Development *** Price & Time ***

BootStrap / WordPress Version:

✓ Special feature: Auto adjust screen for Mobile and good for Reader View.

✓ Your lowest cost: $50/page for brand new Web site creation, $30/page for converting from old web ... Minimum $300 ....

✓ Updating Information Web pages $4.99/page, Minimum $200 ....

✓ Fixed Your Web pages for Reader View Iphone / Ipad $4.99/page, Minimum $100 ..

✓ Timing: one page/day to complete, more pages will reduce working time, for example: 10 days for 50 pages.

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By skill and specialization in automation and batch processing, Abpros.us can beat competition by reducing time and labor cost to complete your order on time with the highest quality