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Trouble shooting


If the path (for the folder to run abprogram) or PDF filenamecontains a space or special character (\ / ? : * " > < |), program may not work correctly.

For example, you may run absoftware.exe under the following incorrect/correct directory:

1) Correct Standard/convention file/folder name:

2) Incorrect Standard/convention file/folder name:
D:\your directory\working\ (space error)
D:\yourdirectory\wor>king\ (special character error) 


** Program designed to run for hundred PDFs (Each PDF contains thousand pages) in one click . It may PAUSE, if you see nothing change on the processing windows for every 50 second: Automation Batch Software

Please pay attention to the items: Remaining time, Line, PROCESSING .... The log for every batch can show why and where in the rul causing the pause.

** Program may be paused at the first run due to Win 7 & 8 data cache and security, you may need to rerun for the second or third time or response to OK on popup Windows.

** Program may be paused due redundancy/error in rul. Please check the log for the pausing line. All logs are stored at C:\autobookmarklib\log\

** Programs may pause due to file-name inconsistency. For example PDF name is upper case, whereas the rul name is lowercase. (CHN_BB2M337.pdf and CHN_BB2M337.RUL). This usually happens for ab_openpdf.e2e


** Links to external books go to the first page instead of Figures, Tables, Paragraphs...

a) The external books may not have Destinations for Figures, Tables, Paragraphs ... You must convert Bookmarks of the external PDFs to Destinations. If missing, create bookmark for it, and convert.

b) Wrong rul/wrong destination: For example

The destination is Figure 2-156-4. The links is Figure 2- 156-4 (a space after 2-) because of
++wrong rul (\d-\s*\d\d\d-\s*\d) <<FIGURE \1
++correct rul (\d-)\s*(\d\d\d-)\s*(\d) <<FIGURE \1\2\3
++\s* for broken lines.

abprograms automatically captures the space errors and display in Log file. We also may customize extra common errors for your need without extra cost.

c) Links is lower case, but destination is upper case: For example: Links Page vii is for Destination PAGE VII. The best practice is always convert all Bookmarks/Destination/Links to UPPER CASE. abprograms do it automatically.

** No Links for external books. abprograms automatically skip if external PDFs do not exist.


a) Generally, abprograms automatically fix the common rul errors/or skip and note in log files. This feature is to make sure program runs on hundreds PDFs without pause.

b) Page errors: The PDF contains only 10028, the error command is #PAGES 26 TO 10040; #PAGES 789 TO 20 (Page from is bigger than page to); PAGE END_CHAPTER10 (END_CHAPTER10 is not declare by #NAME END_CHAPTER10 at the beginning)


** If it takes too long to open any PDF, use program 105. ab_openpdf to fix/correct Acrobat.

** Do you know how to link thousand horizontal pages as the following sample? You may not want to set zone for each column: Automation Batch Software

** How to update thousand links in batch without re-linking and no need to re-QA ...

** How to change specific links (color, size, destination .... ) in batch without re-linking

** specializes in automation and batch processing software and service for Bookmarks and Links in PDF documents.  Please email for your question.

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