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TROUBLE SHOOTING for 1. ab_linkbm

Five important differences for using the new program 1. ab_linkbm instead of using the old 3. ab_linkonly:

1 ** User can choose: bookmark only, link only, and both

2 **The path for support file

If no such path, users put support files in the current working folders, program will auto create and copy to.

3 **The path for rul file

If no such path, users put rul files in the current working folders, program will auto create and copy to.

4 ** the new program does not automatically delete the old link and convert bookmarks to destination. Users will need to add two command before #Name

************************ LINKING



5 ** Command line
Command Syntax
Command List

Rul sample

NOTE: You can use 8. ab_find_change to convert old rul to new or adding new command for thousand rul in one click

Some questions and answers:

@@Nothing worked for the bookmarks.

It need to add Command


#IMPORTBMK template_A1_IMPORT.txt
#WORDSBMK template_A1_WORDS.txt

#CRBKMARK template_A1_HEADERS.abm
#CRBKMARK template_A1_FIGURES.abm

. . . . . . . . .
. . . . . . . . .
. . . . . . . . .
#FINDREPLACEBMK (searching words) FOR (replaced words)



@@No support files

Support files need to be called after the command #CRBKMARK, #IMPORTBMK, #WORDSBMK
The path is the current folder or C:\autobookmarklib\supportfiles

@@ no delete bookmarks/destinations
It need command
#RMBKMARK to remove bookmarkv #RMDESTINATION to remove destination

@@Didn’t create bookmarks & sort
It needs Command
#CRBKMARK to create bookmark


@@appearance is underline
Need to change command

Y yellow, S solid
The Default is Blue and Underline.
@@Looked like the rules worked but didn’t link anything since book was already linked
Need to remove old links to create new link

@@Didn’t grab support files
check the path


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