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InfoLinker vs. Autobookmark

1) Old Infolinker software ($2000/license, no batch processing software) does not work on WIN 7 & 8

2) New InfoLinker Plus software ($2400/license + $363/year support, not including batch processing software) cannot share rul. The new InfoLinker Plus maintains all ruls on one MS Access database and totally different/slower than the old InfoLinker.

3) Both old Infolinker and new InfoLinker Plus programs cannot detect link errors. External links for OCR pages (not Destination) easily become obsolete because of changed/moved pages, new version, or PDF updated.

** Infolinker time depends on how many pages and how many external links. More pages, more external links do take more time. Old Infolinker converts PDF to OCR before creating links. If PDF contains Unicode, infolinker does not work. This happened when we copy some text from PDF and paste on the rul.

4) Autobookmark program ($189/license, no batch processing software) is Adobe Partner and a good program to replace Infolinker.

Autobookmark Software Warranty
(  |  ). Excerpt: Automation Batch Software "Do EverMap plug-in support a latest version of Adobe Acrobat? Yes. Our plug-ins do always support a latest version of Adobe Acrobat. We update all plug-ins before Adobe Acrobat is officially released and make sure that our products are completely compliant with new version

**Autobookmark pros ******************

Autobookmark is more accuracy, provides 100% satisfaction for customers, and saves time for entire DVD/Library processing. External links never become obsolete; and PDFs do not need to relink for every change/update. Its "function markup link error" can discover common link errors such as missing pages, wrong link due to no destination, and more.

Another advantage of Autobookmark is that important supplements can be added on the first page/any page within one PDF at any time without any effect/change to external hyperlinks from other PDFs. Deleting or inserting new pages do not affect external links from the other PDFs.

Autobookmark links nicely all broken words ** Autobookmark speed *** Good NEWS Autobookmark take only 4 minutes for 17267 external links or 23 second for 3358 pages.

Autobookmark takes 23seconds for one active line in rul. It does not matter how many pages (3000 or 30) and how many links.
The more line in rul the more time it takes. If we add 100 books into one big PDF, it will take the same time as we run one book 19 minutes.

**Autobookmark cons ******************

Autobookmark is very much complex/complicated and slower than Old Infolinker in processing individual PDF. To make Autobookmark capable to use in the same way as the old InfoLinker rul; and linking can be customized automatically for specific individual PDF, to work better, and faster than both Infolinker/Infolinker Plus, Autobookmark needs additional improvement program, "AB_software" including batch processing to run over night for thousand PDFs with one click.

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