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Converting InfoLinker to Autobookmark PDF system

Autobookmark can link the same way as Infolinker for OCR pages. Still, linking for Destination is the best choice. It is the most important advantage of AutoBookmark.

The difference between Infolinker and Autobookmark is that:

For Infolinker example, the links for Page 2-18, Figure 1-1 will go to OCR page of 68. If Page 2-18, Figure 1-1 moved to another location, OCR page 99, the external links for all external PDFs to Page 2-18, Figure 1-1 become obsolete and must re-link. It may require to relink hundred PDFs to update the link. Automation Batch Software  

For Autobookmark, the link for Page 2-18, Figure 1-1 will go to Destination PAGE 2-18. If Page 2-18, Figure 1-1 move to another location, OCR page 99, the external link to Page 2-18 still link to destination Page 2-18, no need to re-link/updated links. Automation Batch Software  

The more Destination for PAGES, the better for AutoBookmarks. (The inspect links tool is another good feature by Autobookmark.)

To link for Destination, all Destination should exist. All PDFs created by previously Infolinker need to add more missing Destination. For example: The number of bookmarks for Pages in Infolinker generally limit to Table of Content (TOC). For Autobookmarks all pages can created bookmarks. All Figures, Paragraphs, Tables, Chapters, Sections ... can be created bookmarks

Note: We will add more Destination to the old PDFs without any change for the old bookmark. There is no new extra bookmarks, even though there are more extra destination. To do that we will create two folders: Working_PDF and Final_PDF folder.

Working_PDF folder is for adding more Destination and export Destination to text files.

The exporting text files will be import to original PDFs in the Final_PDF folder.

The following is one-time three steps to convert all PDFs from old InfoLinker to new Autobookmark system:

1) Adding Extra Destination
** Create folder Working_PDF
** Copy all PDFs to the above folder
** Duplicate the entire folder Working_PDF to Final_PDF. Now, there are two same size, same PDF folders

** For the Working_PDF folder, in addition to current bookmarks, create more Bookmarks for Pages, Figures, Tables, Chapters, Paragraphs, Section ... use ab_linkbm (Be careful, do not duplicate bookmarks. It will lead to duplicate Destination)
** Convert all the above Bookmark to Destination for all PDFs

2) Exporting Destination
** In the same Working_PDF folder, export all above Destination of all PDFs to text (use ab_exportdestination)

3) Importing Destination to Original PDF
** Copy all exporting Destination text files to the to Final_PDF folder.
** Import the text files to PDFs. (use ab_importdestination)
** The converting system is complete. All PDFs have new destination and the previous bookmarks. absoftware do all the above automatically.

Note: The links of the PDF still link to OCR pages. We can gradually re-link all of them for Destination by Autobookmark later or when the content PDF updated/new version. PDF that is relinked by Autobookmark will have no obsolete links.

View bookmark: Alt + v + s + n + b
View destination: Alt + v + s + n + d
View thumbnails: Alt + v + s + n + p


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