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AB Service specializes in creating automation, batch processing software, and Web development.

ShowCase Web Development: We guarantee all your web pages can be viewed by the "Reader View" feature on Safari (Iphone, Ipad ....)

ShowCase Software Development:  We have created improvement software and service for Bookmarks and Links in PDF documents since 1999 . Our services below are backed by our many years of expertise:

** Converting Infolinker system to AutoBookmark system: Converting all rul, Creating new Destination, and Relinking all PDFs

** Searching a list of thousand parts, sensitive words/phrases on PDFs including words on graphics, photos, images .... then creating a spreadsheet report.

** Bookmarking and Linking at your offices

** Creating automation system for Bookmarking and Linking on your PCs and Servers. If customer has 12 PCs, four servers, nine Web sites can design/setup automation & batch processing for all.

** Networking Setup, Install, Update, and Maintain

** Customize/creating automation software for your need.

** Customize/creating rul and support files for Autobookmark.

** programs/installation for automation/batch processing system can reduce your staff, increase accuracy by eliminating tedious, repetitive tasks, error-prone, reduce additional cost of employee's health Insurance, PCs equipment, software licenses....

Advantages of Reducing Staff:

"Though reducing staff may be expensive upfront because of severance pay and buyout costs, it saves the most money. By reducing staff, you reduce the number of employees for which you are contributing to health insurance and retirement plans. You also have fewer employees on staff, so you pay less in payroll and unemployment taxes. If business picks up in the future and you hire again, you may be able to hire new employees at lower pay rates."

In fact, we set up an automation system (within 12 days * 8 * $90= $8640) that reduced staff for one of our customer's big company. A typical team of 16 people reduced to 4 and saved at least $1,200,000 annually ($1,600,000 - $400,000).


1) Eliminating manually drag, drop, copy, move .. 4000 PDF files to its 4000 individual folders, 16PCs, 2 servers, five Intranet Web sites... automatically running through the night instead of working hours

2) Automatically creating/updating html pages for five Intra Web sites, automatically indexing, optimizing, burning DVDs, archiving, distributing new PDFs to all PCs ... through the night instead of working hours

3) Automatically running by batch processing for AutoBookmark to created bookmarks and links.. through the night instead of working hours.

4) Automatically editing/correcting/updating rul for 4000 PDFs.. through the night instead of working hours.

5) Automatically searching a list of 1200 sensitive words/obsolete parts ... for 4000 PDFs.. and display result in spreadsheet through the night instead of working hours.

6) Reducing manually input/update database system. One click to convert info from database system to html pages and upload to intranet website for any added/removed PDF.

7) Eliminating paperwork, creating excel macro for tracking system and report.

8) Boosting customer's employee team morale by advice for increasing employee's voluntary working OT along with reducing staff. Each employee encouraged to work as an entrepreneur on three PCs** two for work, and one for their own personal banking/Research Development/ creating/ innovation/ invention ... ).

Money is the best method for employee motivation; and Money from OT is the best way to inspire them. We talk for positive/creative employees, not for passive employees

Do you know how innovator/inventor/the best/creative employees ... work and sleep:

Famous 4-hour sleepers

19 Successful People Who Barely Sleep 

SERVICES On Line ($75/H, minimum 2 hours/day) through connection by

SERVICES at Your Office: ($90/H, minimum 8 hours/day)

Updatable Qty Automation Batch Software

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By skill and specialization in automation and batch processing, can beat competition by reducing time and labor cost to complete your order on time with the highest quality

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