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About AB Software & Service specializes in creating automation and batch processing software.

We also create improvement software and service for other programs based on its GUI and WYSIWYG such as Bookmarks and Links in PDF documents by using Infolinker, Autobookmarks, and Acrobat. Our software is designed for one person dealing with series of massive PDF files, each of which may be thousands of pages long and a ton of hyperlinks. All human errors as well as repetitive and boring task will be eliminated by automatically running thousand PDFs in one click through the nights, automatically detecting errors and correcting the errors, automatically indexing and searching sensitive words ... ... Software List

All software on include 10 thru 30 days trial, guarantee no malicious code, no connect to internet, no need to run for setting up, no admin required, no system registered, and work only for Windows (XP,7,8...). If you need more time for trial, please email.

For low cost and due to rapid change in technology, each license software works/licensed for one year, free support, and free upgrade within licensing period. Note: Supporting and upgrading is to make sure AB software work nicely on your PCs. You may want to contract with for other services.

For annual licenses, there is no Renewal, a new license must be purchased after expiration.

Working software/program depends on different PC setting and other installed software/programs. Please use the trial version, take a look at our FAQ, and email for question and customize software without extra cost.

Please take a look at Terms of Use "EULA"

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By skill and specialization in automation and batch processing, can beat competition by reducing time and labor cost to complete your order on time with the highest quality

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