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6. ab_markuperror.exe

Updated: 9/13/2015. *** Correction for PAUSE due to different PC setting Options.

This program automatically open all PDFs (20,000 PDFs) in current folder to check for bookmark and link errors. Then it exports links to "___pdf.links.text" files for user to modify/edit. Users can use **7. ab_importlinks** to import links back to PDFs.

Extra Requirement: Acrobat, Autobookmark, and keyxxx.pdf.

ab_markuperror.exe provide a summary log shows some error due to wrong rul.

For example: Due to broken line, the expression in rul:

[Ff]igures?\s(\d\d?-\s*\d+[A-D]*)\W <<FIGURE \1

create the incorrect destination FIGURE 7- 45 instead of FIGURE 7-45 (no space after 7-).

The correct rul is:

[Ff]igures?\s(\d\d?-)\s*(\d+[A-D]*)\W <<FIGURE \1\2

ab_markuperror.exe works with AutoBookmark Plug-in, Product version: 4.9 (Build date: Aug 12 2013) and previous version. To know the version of AutoBookmark, please open any PDF, choose menu, Plug-in --> Links --> Create Link Report.

We can customize ab_markuperror.exe for your need to capture specific error.

DOWNLOAD FREE TRIAL: For both Autobookmark VERSION 4.8 and VERSION 5.

6. ab_markuperror .

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