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2. ab_bmonly.exe To Create Bookmark Only (Discontinue)

Updated: 9/13/2015. *** It runs with Autobookmark version 5.99 Build date: Apr 29 20196 (licensed... It may not work with Demo). and good on Windows 7, 10, Acrobat X, XI

** If you use 1. ab_linkbm.exe no need for 2. ab_bmonly.exe ** The ab_linkbm.exe runs Autobookmark in batch, auto load the abm support files to create only bookmarks for all PDFs in current directory.

NOTE: You can use 8. ab_find_change to convert old rul to new or adding new command for thousand rul in one click

Extra Requirement: Acrobat, Autobookmark, and keyxxx.pdf.

This program does not run by rul for bookmark. It requires all support files for each PDF. For example: If you run bookmarks for usc10@114-11.pdf you will need at least 8 support files:


Each support file has the prefix is the name of the PDF: usc10@114-11
If you run bookmark for 200 PDF you will need to creates at least 200 * 8 = 1600 support files.
That is the reason for running 1.ab_linkbm.exe instead of this program.
For 1.ab_linkbm.exe you may need only a few abm templates for thousand of PDFs.

How to run: Copy ab_bmonly.exe to PDF directory and double click to run. User will need support abm file only, no rul (Detail abm files).

Program will ask for removing previous bookmarks and destination or not removing.

2. ab_bmonly

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