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For optimizing flow, speed, and accuracy, AB software designed to avoid one software/program for all/universal use. AB software also designed for one person to work on thousand PDFs in one click. So, there are several programs for different versions as well as for 64 bits (64) and 32bits system. If your PC is 64bits system and has the folder *** C:\Program Files (x86) ***, you should try 86 programs.

If you want to use abpros improvement program for AutoBookmark, please upgrade your AutoBookmark, to the latest version trial or license. Still, we provide some program for previous version such as version 5.8, 5.7 and 4.8.

** To know your current version of AutoBookmark, open any PDF, choose menu, Help --> About third party Plugin --> Autobookmark.


** Another way is to look for the date of AutoBookmark.api and compare to

+ March 7, 2016   Version 5.9.8 of AutoBookmark plug-in is now available for download. This update includes the following improvements: ability to save and load settings in "Bookmark By Example" operation, printing on all pages for "Print Bookmarks On Pages" operation and settings persistence for "Cleanup Links and Bookmarks".
+ December 1, 2015  Version 5.9.7 The latest update of AutoBookmark plug-in adds bookmark sorting by date method. Use this method to sort bookmarks into chronological order if bookmark titles contain dates.

+February 12, 2015 Version 5.7 of AutoBookmark™


For download, please visit download page. Right click on .e2xe, or e2e, or .zip. After downloading, change the extension e2xe to exe. Suffix 64 denote for 64 bits system. If folder C:\Program Files (x86) exists in your system, program with suffix 86 may run better. Which program (64 or 86) works better depends on other programs installed in your PC. For example: If Acrobat XI installed in C:\Program Files (x86), 86 program run better 64.

To download AutoBookmark trial please visit: http://www.evermap.com/autobookmark.asp 

Please click on the link for description and download FREE TRIAL programs.
1. ab_linkbm: To create bookmarks and links for thousand PDFs automatically.
2. ab_bmonly: To create bookmarks only (Discontinue)
3. ab_linkonly To create links only (Discontinue)
4. ab_srindex To search index for a list of words/phrases for thousand PDFs automatically.
5. ab_apreasheet To create a spreadsheet report for the above search index result
6. ab_markuperror To check for error/missing destination, bookmarks, links  for thousand PDFs automatically.
7. ab_importlinks To import the corrected links back to PDFs in batch
8. ab_find_change_text To search and replace for a list of word/phrase
9. ab_exportdestination To export destination to text files  for thousand PDFs automatically.
10. ab_importdestination To import destination to PDF files  for thousand PDFs automatically.
11. ab_csv2html  One click to convert your data base csv file to html pages for your intranet website
103. ab_Searchfilename To search any file name and copy file to C:\ab_searchfound
105. ab_openpdf To check damaged PDFs by open and close  thousand PDFs automatically.
107. ab_deleteline To retrieve ruls for all PDFs in the current folders.


 Free Bonus Utility Programs for ABpros.us Customers
101. ab_excel_macro_enable. To enable macro in excel
102. ab_excel_checkdisable_file. To fix "Excel file cannot open"
104. ab_changecase To change all file name to lower case for4000 file names automatically.
106. ab_openrul To retrieve ruls for all PDFs in the current folders.

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