105. ab_openpdf.exe

Updated: 9/13/2015. *** Correction for PAUSE due to different PC setting Options.

** This program automatically open every 10 PDFs, then close and continue till all PDFs (20,000 PDFs) in any directory/folder, or on DVD to check for damaged/error message. If one PDF damaged, program will pop up a window and stop. Program also provide a timing log and option to pause every 10 PDFs.

User has four option to choose:


Hint: If any PDF cannot open or it takes too long to open, use this program to correct/fix Acrobat.exe.

Extra Requirement: Acrobat or Reader.

Why is this program needed?: During copying/moving to some location/server, some PDF is damaged but its size is not reduced to zero. The only way to check a damaged PDF is to use Acrobat or Reader to open it. It is the usefulness of ab_openpdf.exe.


105. ab_openpdf

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