102. ab_excel_checkdisable_file

Updated: 9/13/2015. *** Correction for PAUSE due to different PC setting Options.

(This program may not work on Excel plus 2010)

** Some Excel file cannot open because it is in the disabled-item list by Microsoft Office program. You may want to use this excel_checkdisable_file.exe to solve the problem.

Here is instruction from Microsoft:

"Excel file cannot open" This error may appear if you attempt to open a file marked as damaged or disabled by a Microsoft Office program. Each time the file is opened, even if the file was recovered or repaired, this error appears and other open files or programs will be suspended.


The file is in the Disabled Items list because, in previous attempts to open the file, it has caused a program error or shut down more than once.


If the file was properly recovered, replaced, or deleted, you can remove the file from the list of disabled files (re-enable the file) by clicking the File tab, clicking Options, and then clicking Add-Ins. In the Manage list, click the arrow and select Disabled Items, click Go, and then select the disabled item that you want to re-enable.




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